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Using Skype

What is Skype? - Skype is a free computer program that offers a VoIP ('Voice over Internet Protocol') service. Skype lets you make voice calls, use instant messaging with auto-translation, engage in video conferencing via web-cams, and share you computer screen, with people all over the world, via your computer.

What do Skype calls cost? - uses zero-cost Skype calls. Skype computer-to-computer connections are usually free, nationally and internationally.

How do I set up Skype- Visit to download and install Skype. For help visit  After installation, you should be faced with the login screen . If you don’t already have a Skype account, you will need to create one. Simply click ‘create an account’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I use Skype on my mobile? - Yes, You can install the Skype app, a small computer program onto your smartphone. That way, you can make calls for free from your phone while on the move, though you may need to use wifi or mobile data for this feature. Click the following links for more about Skype for iPhone and Skype for Android. Skype is also available for smartphones, tablets, Macs, and even TVs.

What PC or laptop equipment do I need? - Most modern Windows computers are more than adequate for using Skype. You will need speakers and a microphone. A web-cam is highly recommended by not essential. Skype will check that you have appropriate sound and video options.

What about internet connection speeds? - For voice calls we recommend a minimum broadband connection with 100 kbps of download speed and 100 kbps of upload speed.

Do I need a web-cam? - No. While we sometimes use web-cams, connection quality can often be frustrating, therefore we normally limit our calls to Skype voice calls (VoIP) with instant messaging. Students tend to focus more on the sounds of the language without the webcam.

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